Tile Repair


Damaged tiles can be both an eyesore and a potential risk. They might also be left behind after other things have wreaked havoc underneath. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient tile repairer, you need to look no further than Proseal Melbourne. Let our team handle your tile repair needs in Melbourne.

Sometimes, the damage is a side effect. Water damage underneath the tiles pushes up against them. In most cases, the cement holding them together breaks first. However, depending on the pressure and type of material, the tile might also crack from underneath.

You might also need to repair tiles due to brute force. The sheer power of an impact can break tiles, though this is usually difficult and unlikely. Anything that causes you to need shower repairs may also call for some tile repair, as it’s likely that whatever broke the rest of the bathroom potentially also did a number on the tiles.

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    Even the smallest crack is a good reason to look to us to repair your tiles. A small crack can lead to bigger problems, including causing leaks and an early regrout can cut that off before it becomes an issue.

    We recommend calling Proseal Melbourne to perform regular tiling maintenance, to keep those tiles looking pristine, as well as checking on their condition to make sure nothing breaks or leaks in the future. We can help you provide excellent care for your tiles, along with the necessary maintenance.

    As part of our maintenance and prevention service, we also check the grouting joints. Don’t hesitate to call professionals if you see any cracks or fractures. Call us and get that problem fixed.