Shower screens are pretty significant because they fulfil two essential functions.

The first is to keep water in the primary enclosure from getting out into the rest of the bathroom. Splashing water everywhere is not okay for those items in the bathroom you don’t want to get wet, including being all over the floor.

The second is to provide you with a bit of extra privacy, in case you share a bathroom or forgot to lock the door.These two functions mean that if it breaks for any reason, you’ll certainly want it fixed or replaced. If you want the best shower screens Melbourne has to offer, contact us.

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    The first part of our service is helping you decide the kind of glass shower screen replacement you want. There are three basic designs available. The variation is based on how much of a supporting frame you want. There are framed screens and frameless ones, along with semi-frameless screens for those looking for something between the extremes.

    Our experts can give you advice and tips on what might work for your bathroom in Melbourne, as we have seen thousands of them. Apart from glass shower screen replacement, we can also do glass screen restoration.