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    Shower Regrouting Melbourne

    People like to think that showers are simple machines. You manipulate something – a knob, a lever, what have you – and water comes out. You wash, the water goes down the drain, and there is nothing else to consider.

    This is mostly right. The simplicity of the setup lends itself to lots of resiliency. However, sometimes showers just end up leaking. Shower repairs don’t happen often, but when they do, you will want Shower Regrouting Melbourne professional like Pro seal Melbourne on the job.

    Why, exactly, does something as simple as a shower leak? Well, there are a number of reasons.

    In some cases, the blame falls on the pipes. The pipes might be old. The cement or epoxy grout holding them together might have become porous, and as the water flows through, some of it slips out.

    A leak might also indicate damage to the shower itself. If the shower is leaking despite all flow being cut off and being given time to get the excess out, the head itself could be leaking.

    In other and most cases, the leaking is likely due to poor grouting, sealing and waterproofing of the shower, which leads to water leaking from the tiling and out of the shower, leaving you with pools of water on your beautiful bathroom floor.

    Our Regrouting Melbourne professionals will come in and identify the problem, pinpoint the source of the leak, and in most cases, unless there is severe water damage, can fix leaking shower without even having to remove any of the tiles. Call us on 03 9001 0420 or get the quote online now.