Commercial Waterproofing


Every business or home needs to waterproof tile. The process is a preventative measure, keeping water and moisture from damaging everything around it, with bathrooms not being the only place where this is important.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you’ll want to waterproof the kitchen too.The waterproofing process makes it harder for the liquids to sink in, and we all know how important it is for a business to be easy to clean and look spotless.

Our professionals understand that water can be tricky. It finds ways to get into all sorts of places, even when they’re sealed up tight. Flowing water can whittle away at even solid surfaces and do damage over time.

A residential or commercial property stands to lose a lot from water damage. If you’re not sure that you should be looking into commercial waterproofing Melbourne service, Proseal Melbourne is ready to help.

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    Fungal growth and damp wood are clear indications. Usually, you’ll find one in one room and the other in an adjacent room. Wet carpeting – or worse, mould on the rugs. If your business uses wood, watch out for degrading timbers or musty odours, worse still, termites being drawn to the damp wood.

    You can also call us to renew existing waterproofing! Old tiles can and do fail, we see it all the time.

    If you call us, we will happily redo your waterproofing. We use tools that are nondestructive, know how to identify the cause of the problem correctly and then use the correct products to rectify any issues.

    Here at Proseal Melbourne have years of experience in Melbourne. We’ve seen every mistake in the book, and make sure our people know how to avoid or correct them. Do you need waterproofing? We’ve got your back.