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    A leaking balcony in Melbourne is both a nuisance and a danger. It is a nuisance because of the dripping and the stains it causes, which the sight of alone are a problem.

    At the same time, a leaking balcony should be a cause for concern. Mildew and mould can become health hazards if they start growing. Water damage could also cause structural problems, leading to a low – but present – risk of something breaking.

    What could be causing the problem? Why call Pro Seal Melbourne to attend to your leaking balcony?

    • A blocked drain or failed plumbing is one potential cause for failure.
    • Joinery on the door leading out failing can let water seep indoors.
    • Grouting has putrefied, letting water leak through the membrane under the tiles.
    •The waterproofing membrane was not installed correctly
    • Cracks in the plaster or around the external walls of the area might be the cause.
    • Finally, if the sealing wasn’t applied correctly, you can end up with a leaking balcony in Melbourne.

    Our Balcony Regrouting Melbourne technicians can handle these problems for you with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency. Don’t hesitate to contact our professional team to have them come and diagnose and then rectify your issue.

    Our extensive array of excellent products and expertise will allow us to ensure a professional and reliable answer to the task in hand.

    Years of experience guarantees customer satisfaction and no more leaking balconies. Allow us to amend your stains, leaks and structural integrity today. Call us on 03 9001 0420 or get the quote online now.