One of the most common instances, when you need a quick shower fix, is a leak. While it is better, faster, and easier to hire someone to do shower grout repair for you, you might be inclined to try it yourself. Well, if you want to, here’s a step by step guide on how it’s done.

For any house repair or maintenance in the bathroom, the first step is to shut off the flow of water. You’ll need to track down the valves and plumbing and shut off the flow. This should keep the waterproofing from being ruined before it can try if you accidentally switch anything on.

Before any shower fix, you’ll want to mark out the work area.

Measure the wall or floor space. Apply tape at the edge, so you have a clear and visible reminder of the work area involved. In general, you’ll want the area that’s getting shower grout repair or waterproofing to extend about 100mm above the outlet, as a precaution.

Grab a paintbrush. You’ll be using this to apply primer onto the target area. Be generous with the coats.

While you wait for the primer to dry, measure things like corners and internal joints. These areas often need waterproofing as well, and it’d be good to know how much you’ll need.

Now, apply waterproofing to the walls. Specifically, you’ll want to cover the area where the reinforcing membrane will go. While it’s still wet, apply the layer. Cover that up with another coat, making sure the membrane is flat as you go. It’s tedious, but no one ever said a DIY shower fix was easy.

Do the same on the shower floor.

Give the floor’s first coat some time to dry after you apply the membrane. After that, apply a second layer, since the floor gets a lot more water and is more prone to leaks than the walls.

From there, apply shower grout repair to any areas where it would be necessary.

Naturally, you should not use the shower until everything is dry. Depending on conditions and product, that could take just over an hour or as long as a full day. In most cases, it’s best to give it more time than necessary to try.

In other words, you don’t want to do DIY shower fix jobs on every bathroom in the house at the same time. Keep one ready for use, in case the work takes too long.

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