At AllSealedWA, we use a number of products to get the job done for shower repairs. The best of these are used exclusively by us, so you will always see better results than just your average shower doctor or other commercial products. With us, you’re getting something special.

These exclusive products are used for resealing grouts and repairing shower and balcony leaks. As a bonus, they are designed so shower repair is done without removing any tiles.

Now lets take a look at some of our products:


AllGrout is a two-part epoxy system, designed for use in interior and exterior environments. It boasts excellent chemical and stain resistance. It also comes in a variety of colours and has a low absorption rate, making it an excellent choice for long-term shower repair tasks.

The product was designed for use in shower recesses and balconies and is suitable for both commercial and residential areas.


This product is a unique impregnating sealer that is available only through AllSealedWA. Unlike other topical sealers or coats, AllShield does not change the look of your grouting or tiles. Our product has a smaller molecular structure, allowing it to penetrate deeper into materials.

Inside, they bond permanently to create a deeper, more water-resistant barrier. It allows for easier cleaning, makes the tiles more stain resistant, and better resistant to cleaning chemicals without acidic components. At the same time, it still allows the material to “breathe,” so is resistant to mould.

AllShield works best on mosaic tiled floors or in any situation where you don’t want to regrout. It is also a premium sealer in shower areas.


One of the best silicone sealants on the market. Usable on both interior and exterior projects, AllFlex is a high-grade sealant. It boasts excellent resistance to UC, chemicals, mould, and temperature. The chemical formula is designed to handle points where different materials connect and can be used for everything from ceramics to timber.

It is also tough enough for any area where you expect a large amount of movement, or need flexibility in your sealants. You can use it on the main joints of a vanity top or the perimeter joints of a shower recess.

We recommend it for silicone joints in shower screens, along with vanity and kitchen bench joints. We also use it for tiled expansions and other areas.

Call on our services and we will provide you with these exclusive products to get the job done. For grout replacement, balcony and shower repair, and so many other services, you won’t find better options!

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